Packing Tips

  1. Label! Pack similar items together and clearly label every multiple sides of a box. You may remember what is packed where when you move in but 6 months down the road you’ve forgotten. Labeling boxes will minimize searching through your unit for a specific item.

  3. Keep your most used items towards the front and easily accessible. If you need to, draw out a simple map of where items are located for quick and easy reference.

  5. Pack in boxes of like size to optimize space in a unit and place heavier boxes on the bottom as a base. Packing a storage unit can be similar to a game of Tetris and every square inch counts.

  7. Individually wrap all plate/glass/valuables with newspaper, towels, bubble wrap, etc. and place at the top of a stack to avoid breakage.

  9. Cover furniture with sheets or plastic to avoid dust, tears and scratches.

  11. Store mirrors, pictures, etc. vertically instead of horizontally. It will take up less space and it will prevent glass from getting broken under the weight of other boxes.

  13. Clean items such as drapery and bedding before storing. Over time, unused and unclean pieces can begin to smell and spread through the entire unit.

  15. Dismantle any tables, beds, lamps, etc. to optimize space and avoid breakage while moving.

  17. When choosing your unit size, consider how much you need to store, room for accessing your belongings and provide room for air circulation within your unit.

  19. If you are storing machinery that runs with gasoline, it must be drained prior to storage. Flammable or combustible things cannot be stored under any circumstance. This includes but is not limited to gasoline, paint thinner, propane tanks, aerosol cans, cleaning products and fireworks.